a world wide accreditation programme for cleaning and maintenance products suitable for wool and other fibres.
a training and accreditation programme for professional carpet cleaning companies and inspectors who specialise in cleaning wool carpet and upholstery in Australia and worldwide.
a source of advice on how to care for your wool carpets and rugs.
The WoolSafe Organisation is ...

Since 1991 there has been a means of identifying those products which are safe and effective in cleaning or protecting quality carpets: the WOOLSAFE Mark. This Mark is your assurance of carpet maintenance product performance. The WOOLSAFE accreditation programme for carpet and upholstery maintenance products is operated worldwide by The WOOLSAFE Organisation.
Products are submitted for independent testing to Cleaning Research International, the official Test House, which subjects them to a series of internationally recognised tests to establish that:
shampoos, spray extraction and bonnet cleaning chemicals
"dry extraction" cleaning / impregnated powder compounds
crystallising cleaning agents
spot removers and spill absorption products
traffic lane cleaners and pre-spotters
soil and stain resist and soil release finishes
pile rinsing and neutralising agents
detergent additives and boosters
colour restoration products, deodorizers, antistatic treatments
Which types of product are WOOLSAFE-approved?

The WOOLSAFE programme covers the following products for carpets and / or upholstery:
The WOOLSAFE programme is supported in Europe by the British Wool Marketing Board and in Australia by the Carpet Institute of Australia Limited ( CIAL ).
Only when a product meets all of these stringent requirements -- and almost a quarter of all products submitted do not -- is it awarded the WOOLSAFE Certificate by The WOOLSAFE Organisation, allowing it to carry the coveted WOOLSAFE Mark
Annual testing
But it does not end there:
Once a year each approved product is carefully checked to ensure that it continues to comply with the WOOLSAFE standards. And if a product's formulation has changed in any way it has to be re-evaluated in full.

they meet recognised standards of performance regarding cleaning, spot removal or protection against soiling or staining.
they do not have a deleterious effect on wool carpets regarding colour fastness, quick re-soiling, fibre damage or odour.
they are safe to use and safe once they have been applied.
The WOOLSAFE Organisation is supported by quality carpet manufacturers worldwide.
WoolSafe History

A certification programme for carpet maintenance products was established in 1991 under the name CAMPES - the Carpet Maintenance Products Evaluation Scheme - by the International Wool Secretariat (IWS), now called the Woolmark Company, in close collaboration with Cleaning Research International (CRi). Extensive laboratory trials were carried out to standardize a comprehensive range of test methods, and to document the performance criteria for accepting - or rejecting - carpet maintenance products as being suitable for cleaning and protecting wool carpets. The criteria and test methods chosen were based largely on internationally used standards and tests.

In 1997 Wools of New Zealand, who had taken over the programme from IWS in 1995, changed the name from the acronym CAMPES to WOOLSAFE, which much better reflected the purpose of the scheme


The WOOLSAFE logo was also updated at the same time to make it more legible when reproduced in small size, and thus more effective.

The WOOLSAFE Organisation

The WOOLSAFE Organisation was established in 1998 to administer all aspects of the programme and its promotion worldwide.

The WOOLSAFE Organisation significantly expanded its world-wide technical and promotional services in 2002 by opening branches in Australia and North America.

In October 1998 The WOOLSAFE Organisation launched an accreditation scheme for professional carpet cleaners, called the WOOLSAFE Certified Operators programme, in response to demands from within the cleaning and carpet manufacturing industries.

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The WOOLSAFE Certified Operator programme is now fully operational in many countries around the world.
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